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Why Have a Lucky Chimney Sweep at Your Wedding?

 The tradition can be traced back around 200 years to an occasion when a fearless London chimney sweep stepped out into the path of the runaway horses & carriage of King George III (a yapping dog had startled the horses).

The King was so thankful that he took off his hat and bowed to the humble chimney sweep that had saved his life.

Later, when the King’s youngest daughter was to be married, King George sent for the chimney sweep because he believed that the presence of this chimney sweep – perhapsany chimney sweep – would bring good luck and happiness to his daughter in her marriage.

Thus the tradition was born, and it’s become customary to get the lucky chimney sweep a little more involved by asking him to kiss the bride and shake the hand of the groom.

The Royal Family have continued the tradition: when the Queen married Prince Philip a chimney sweep was ushered into Buckingham Palace and the Prince was seen to shake his hand (it’s not known whether he – the chimney sweep, not Prince Philip – got to kiss the Queen). 


Lucky Chimney Sweep

Why not book a Lucky Chimney Sweep for your special day.  The sweep will read a personalised poem to the happy couple, then a lucky kiss for the Bride and a lucky hand shake for the Groom. A special gift and a unique photo opportunity for friends and family.